Hey there. :)

On this page I blog about development of my new pet project Neon Made. It’s a fun 2D-Physics Sandbox kind of game that runs in the browser.

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What’s the point?

The general idea is to put together 2D physics including fluids and breakable objects with shiny WebGL Graphics in a sandbox like game where you are tasked with either just building whatever you want in a pure sandbox mode or maybe with simple challenges. Whatever they may be. I must admit right now I have a lot of the technical heavy lifting down, because that is what I am good at. Gameplay… well so far at least to me watching things break like this is fun. Slowly I do get more and more ideas on what I could do to give players incentive to build interesting constructions. I’ll get to more details on that hopefully in a few weeks when I am done with the last building-UI things I want to do first.

You can contact me.

Because why not, via: contact@neonmade.net